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Emacs in your browser

Love the cloud but worried about not being able to use emacs? Google docs not cutting the mustard? Has decades of emacs left your fingers permanently locked into twisted claws, useful only for entering emacs keyboard shortcuts? Well stop worrying emacs is now in the cloud, edit all your cloud based documents with Ymacs, a javascript implementation of the venerable text editor. I haven’t done any hard core editing in it but from playing around with it it seems pretty good. Connects to a long list of cloud providers to access whatever documents you have in the cloud so could be useful when your on the road. Try it and get it here.

Emacs running in my browser.

Emacs running in my browser!

Linux in your browser

Emacs has been described as a good operating system that just lacks a good text editor, and if you can get emacs in a browser why not another operating system? Fabrice Bellard has implemented a virtual PC running the 2.6.20 Linux kernel — see it in action here. Screenshot below.

Linux running in my browser.

Linux running in my browser!

You wont be doing any major projects in this emulator but if you are following the Unix Command Line blog posts this would be an excellent tool for trying out some of the examples.



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